Why The Art Collection of Medgidia – “Lucian Grigorescu”?

The Art Collection of  Medgidia is the result of  the International Painting Camps “Lucian Grigorescu” 2004 – 2011 editions that were initiated as a sign of respect towards the personality of the great painter Lucian Grigorescu, born on February the 1st 1894 in Medgidia, who grew up and made a part of  his school education in his native town.

This collection I thought it to be as a guarantee of  Medgidia connection to the national and international system of cultural values and of integration in the cultural tourism circuit by exposing the paintings in an Interactive Museum of Modern Art from Medgidia, and also by creating  virtual Art Galleries on the Internet.

For sorting the artistic value of most of the participants, I needed the advice until 2008 of a great personality in the field, namely – the master Ion Sălişteanu, member of the Romanian Academy, a good and true friend of Lucian Grigorescu and of  Medgidia, as well.

We also engaged in this project prestigious institutions: The Art Museum of Constanţa (Mrs. Doina Păuleanu), The Union of Romanian Artists, The National Romania Committee for UNESCO (expert Nicoleta Zagura),The Romanian Cultural Institute, The History Museum of Romania, The Ministry of Culture and Cults, The Romanian Television (Cultural TV), TV-6 France, Neptun TV, Alpha Media TV, Horizon Radio, whom we thank a lot.

Of great importance was the idea of creating a Painting School for children where the participants can be the disciples of some masters; during the camps’ period having the main aim the pupils’ artistic affirmation and education.

Video presentation of Art Collection “Lucian Grigorescu”