Lucian Grigorescu

Every year on February 1 at Medgidia established a special celebration, when the entire  town is named by the  greatest artist, Lucian Grigorescu. His name is called the Museum of Fine Arts, a school, even a street, House of Culture and a foundation that wants to be like a a flag of Dobrudja art.

There is a memorable portrait of Lucian Grigorescu, made by Eugen Schileru: “It’s one of those people, increasingly bigger, which seem to radiate, without interruption, a fascinating vitality, conquering, as if through a mysterious process, only in her life would be enough to achieve a very exceptional concentration and intensity. This dobrudjan person remain, both daily behavior and his painting, a complete and without impurities meridional.”

From  Magda Carneci album published by “Meridians” in 1989, we find that Lucian Grigorescu was born on February 1, 1894 at Medgidia, as the second son of the family Grigorescu.  Painter open the eyes in the picturesque provincial town, absolutely individualized in ethnic composition and geographical location, a visual impression that dominates his art. “Medgidia which was then a fair teem the Turks and Tartars, with their picturesque port” – wrote Lucian Grigorescu, describing the natal town. “It was a simple world, primitive, who made to live landscape Dobrogea, monotonous, but full of charm, almost harsh, but with sound for whom was born in the midst of. Dobrogea.  With its landscape so sober, with its southern hills, pursued me everywhere. Orange of my paintings is a result of the need to achieve an interesting shade of red Dobrogea. I could say that I wore in my soul her bright color, but sober, poetry Pontic steppe frustrated

Lucian Grigorescu pursued primary school between 1901 and 1906 at Medgidia. Secondary to Constanta and then graduated from Braila, in particular Gymnasium “United Principalities.” Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest he finishes studying with Frederic Storck, Dimitrie Paciurea, GD Bride and other prominent artists of Romanian Fine Arts. As a gunner, during World War I, he fights on the fronts of Dobrogea and Moldova. He began a long and lasting friendship with Michael Ralea and after the war going with his wife, Maria Otilia Nichiforescu painter, to study in Italy, with the sculptor Ettore Ferrari

By intervention of poet Ion Minulescu, Lucian Grigorescu gains an award studies and he is established in Paris. In 1925 the painter discovers sur Mer Cassis French town charm, being present at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, but also in Dallas, where critics said “a great artist, one of the most precious gems of art.” He returns home, and during the Second World War was an military reporter, making on the front a documentary in watercolor and gouache. He participates in many exhibitions and was elected a corresponding member of Academy and named artist of the people. In October of 1965 passed away, leaving behind a valuable collection, important part of being hosted in his hometown at Medgidia

And yet, after more than a century after his disappearance, it seems that in this city intellectuals have built a spiritual life of pure originality, made ​​under the scepter of the painter Lucian Grigorescu authoritarian. It is said that no other person in any other city, has not imposed his personality as did the great painter in Medgidia


It was inaugurated in 1964 with the creation of works of contemporary Romanian arts: painting, sculpture and graphics, signed by Lucian Grigorescu, Bunescu Marius, Ion Jalea and others.

The museum hosts a permanent exhibition of works by classic and modern art and contemporary art works of artists: Lucian Grigorescu, Nicolae Tonitza Sirato Francis, Stefan Dumitrescu, Joseph Iser

Since 1991, the museum is named after the great painter from Medgidia, considered the most Latin of Romanian painters, the creator of a bridge between civilization and the place of the world. Medgidian Art Museum also holds a collection of ceramic works.

Every year on February 1, are organized anniversary events and exhibitions like an homage for the popular artist.


House of culture “Lucian Grigorescu” opened its doors in May of 1981. Its motivation construction was: strong movement of amateur artistic, the impressive number of artistic groups and cultural act of aesthetic receptivity of the population of the city.

Over the years, many groups have developed a rich artistic activity:

  • Amateur Theatre, with important national awards in dealing such artists, culminating with the Festival Prize in Targoviste -1980;
  • Photo-club “Osiris”, the organizer of the first National Exhibition of artistic photography, as a unique theme that has gathered together in Medgidia, in 1983 about 1000 most valuable works of artists photographers in the country;
  • Folk Ensemble “Doina Dobrudja”, awarded nationally participating in international events in Prague – 1985
  • Vocal-instrumental group “Trophaeum” notable presence in the lives of amateur artists from Romania and literary circle “Nicolae Labiş” who organized symposiums on various cultural issues, round tables, meetings with different personalities;

The library owns 32,000 volumes of books in Romanian, with the addition from  1998 almost 1000 books in French, through the opening section “André Gide” as a  result of the organization’s volunteer work “Amis Sans Frontières” – Rennes, France.

School with grades I-VIII no. 6 “Lucian Grigorescu” located in the center  of  Medgidia, Constanta County is a state public educational institution for primary and secondary age children.

For more than four decades, school building was the stone that remains witness to the passage of generations of teachers and students deserving.

It kept the tradition school, which bearing since 29 January 1994, the name of illustrious medgidian painter, Lucian Grigorescu, to enroll students in each year in the leading place as a result of any form of organization: admission to school, school contests, national contests and international, carried out  training on line, theoretical and practical  or on line sports.